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Racist Woman Calls Black Employee A “B*tch A*s N**ger” In Front Of Kids: “That’s What He Is”


Racist Woman Calls Black Employee A “B*tch A*s N**ger” In Front Of Kids: “That’s What He Is”

A maskless woman unleashed a racist tirade berating a black employee in front of three children after she was refused service at the Davidovich Bakery in Manhattan.

A video of the incident shows the woman refusing to leave as she is flanked by two security guards.

“I can’t wear a mask sir,” the woman says at the start of the one-minute clip.

“Why can’t you wear a mask?” the employee asks the woman.

“She said she got medical problems. You don’t have to serve her if you don’t want to,” the security guard tells the employee.

“You can’t see how I’m looking at you sir, I have sunglasses on,” the woman tells the employee after a brief exchange. “You just said don’t look at you like that. How can you see how I’m looking at you?”

When the security guard attempts to urge the woman to go on her way, the woman protests, saying: “I just want to order some bagels!”

“Ma’am, he’s not going to serve you so please leave,” the guard pleads with the woman.

“Why, cuz he’s a bitch ass n*gger?” the woman says to shocked reactions from customers waiting in line behind her.

“Ohh, that’s what he is. That’s what he is. Bitch ass N-word. I just said it. You heard it,” the woman continued.

“Let me call the cops because this lady being very disruptive right now,” the security guard tells the woman. “You just called him a n*gger. That’s what you just said.”

“I can call him whatever I want,” the woman tells the security guard.

According to Shaun King, who shared a video of the woman’s racist tirade, several of his followers identified the woman and shared similar stories of being subjected to the woman’s racist outbursts.

“What’s wild is that I’ve had at least a half a dozen different Black and Asian people write me over the past month to say that she called them racial slurs as well,” King wrote. “I didn’t even know it was the same person until this last incident.⁣ She’s a MAGA hat wearing Trump supporter. ⁣Last Wednesday, @thamjan first wrote me, with pictures and video after this woman walked up to her and called her anti-Asian slurs. Out of nowhere. ⁣Now that we know her name, the city needs to handle this.”


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