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Viral Video Shows Florida AP Teacher Denying Slaves’ Abuse, Excusing ‘N-Word’


Viral Video Shows Florida AP Teacher Denying Slaves’ Abuse, Excusing ‘N-Word’

A viral video allegedly taken during an in-class discussion at a Florida high school near Cape Coral is under investigation by the Lee County school district.

The video is one of three posted on TikTok by a black student in the class, where an instructor of an Advanced Placement government course claims that slaves weren’t whipped by white people and that the N-word, a racist slur, “just means ignorant.”

The teacher at Island Coast High School can be heard in the videos describing the class as an Advanced Placement course, which offers college-level work and a chance for students to test in the content covered to earn college credit.

“The N-Word just means ignorant,” the teacher says in the video. “It doesn’t have any other meaning in any other vocabulary other than ‘You are a stupid person. You are not well-read. You are not well-educated.’ That’s what it means.”

Rob Spicker, a spokesperson for the district, said that the district is “aware of the video and it is under investigation.”

A similar message was shared twice on the school’s Twitter page on Sunday. The posts state that Island Coast High is “aware” of the situation and “it is currently under investigation.”

Community Advocate Earl Sparrow said the teacher was clearly playing judge, jury prosecutor and security by controlling the discussion.

“We’re going to have a conversation with you where I hold all the power and you hold none. That’s not fair,” Sparrow said.


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