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The Guardians of Democracy

Republicans Approve Amendment To Allow Adoption Agencies To Discriminate Against LGBT Parents


Republicans Approve Amendment To Allow Adoption Agencies To Discriminate Against LGBT Parents

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday approved an amendment to a government funding bill that will punish states that withhold funding from adoption agencies that refuse to place children with LGBT parents for religious reasons.

Alabama Republican Rep. Robert Aderholt, who introduced the measure, defended it as necessary for allowing social-services agencies to exercise their religious freedom.

“Several states and localities across the country are not allowing religious organizations, such as Catholic Charities and Bethany Christian Services, to operate child welfare agencies. The reason for this is simply because these organizations, based on religious conviction, choose not to place children with same-sex couples,” he said in a statement.

The Hill notes:

Under the “minibus” funding bill amendment, the Department of Health and Human Services would be required to withhold 15 percent of federal funding for child welfare services from states that themselves withhold funding for organizations that require children be placed with heterosexual married couples.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) accused Republicans of reaching “a sickening new low” with the anti-LGBT measure.

“House Republicans chose to sacrifice the well-being of little children to push a bigoted, anti-LGBTQ agenda, potentially denying tens of thousands of vulnerable children the opportunity to find a loving and safe home,” she said in a statement, vowing to fight back against the move.

“House Democrats will fight this disgusting, deeply immoral and profoundly offensive effort with all our strength. There is no place for bigotry or discrimination in our foster and adoption systems – or in any part of our democracy,” she said.

The conservative group Heritage Action celebrated the amendment, calling it a “victory for children and faith-based organizations across the country.”

The American Civil Liberties Union condemned the amendment in a statement to the Washington Blade: The ACLU “strongly opposes the amendment because it essentially privileges the religious and moral beliefs of providers over the best interest of children who are in their care.”


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