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The Guardians of Democracy

PayPal Bans Infowars For Promoting ‘Hate Or Discriminatory Intolerance’


PayPal Bans Infowars For Promoting ‘Hate Or Discriminatory Intolerance’

PayPal announced Friday that it will no longer do business with InfoWars, the conspiracy theory website founded by controversial right-wing radio personality Alex Jones, saying it “promoted hate.”

PayPal informed InfoWars of its decision in an email on Thursday, concluding that it “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions,” which violates PayPal’s “acceptable use” policy.

The Hill added:

Infowars had used PayPal to process transactions for its on-site store; the site will now have 10 days to find a new payment processors, according to its own reporting.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, the iOS App Store, and others have banned Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms in recent weeks.

Jones has helped spread multiple conspiracy theories, including one that the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting was staged. He is being sued by family members of the victims for defamation.




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