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The Guardians of Democracy

Alex Jones Tells Angry Pro-Trump Marchers Joe Biden ‘Will Be Removed One Way Or Another’


Alex Jones Tells Angry Pro-Trump Marchers Joe Biden ‘Will Be Removed One Way Or Another’

Far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones told a crowd of aggrieved pro-Trump protesters in Washington, D.C. on Saturday that President-elect Joe Biden “will be removed one way or another,” while addressing the protesters from a stage.

In a clip shared on Twitter, the Infowars owner spoke to protesters at the second “Million MAGA march”, where supporters of President Donald Trump railed against the election results and falsely claimed that Trump had won a second term.

Jones, who has shared a number of disproven conspiracy theories in his online show and podcast, repeated debunked claims associated with the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory which alleges that Trump is secretly fighting against a cult of Democratic Satanic pedophiles. QAnon has been widely dismissed and disproven. Jones also seemingly suggested that Biden is actually an undead entity.

“We will never back down to the Satanic pedophile, globalist New World Order and their walking-dead reanimated corpse Joe Biden, and we will never recognize him,” he said.

Jones continued, alleging that Trump had no connections to Russia, but implied that Biden did. “President Trump had zero connection to Russians. No proof. Four years of investigation. With the Bidens, it’s open and shut,” he shouted. This is seemingly a reference to conspiracy theories and allegations that Biden’s son Hunter was involved in international corruption. Hunter Biden is currently being investigated for his business dealings by the Justice Department, as the Biden transition team revealed on Wednesday.

Jones also accused Biden of being a “globalist” before saying he’ll be removed.

While not explicitly violent, Jones’ speech is certainly suggestive of violent action being taken against the president-elect.

Lincoln Project Florida Steering Committee member David Weissman noted that Jones’ remarks could be considered anti-Semitic and suggested that he should be arrested for inciting violence. Some people responded to Weissman by suggesting that people tip off the FBI about Jones and his comments.

Others tagging the FBI and the Secret Service’s accounts, asking for Jones to be investigated for inciting violence and to be charged with treason.

Violence erupted on the streets of DC following the rally. Four people were taken to hospital with stab wounds, DC fire spokesman, Doug Buchanan, said.

Their injuries were described as serious but not life-threatening. Authorities said that 23 people had been arrested.


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