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The Guardians of Democracy

MyPillow CEO Duped Into Taking Phone Call From A Fake Trump During Disastrous Live Stream


MyPillow CEO Duped Into Taking Phone Call From A Fake Trump During Disastrous Live Stream

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell was duped into taking a phone call from prank callers pretending to be former President Donald Trump during a live stream promotion for his new social media platform “Frank,” which promises to embrace free speech and the First Amendment, but curiously, does not allow for the Lord’s name to be taken in vain.

The new social media platform is launching on Monday, Patriot’s Day, and Lindell appeared to be beside himself after learning that he would be receiving a phone call during the promotional live stream from Trump, who he referred to reverentially as “the real president.”

But the most predictable thing that could possibly happen actually happens when the phone call turns out not to be from the twice-impeached former president, but from some prank caller mocking Lindell instead.

As Lindell puts his smartphone on speaker mode, viewers hear Trump’s voice saying “Hello everyone.”

The caller then unleashes an unintelligible string of what appear to be obscenities, that lands on the word “bitches,” prompting Lindell to turn off his phone and quickly play the victim.

“I guess that wasn’t…” he starts. “You see what they are doing, they are attacking us?” He then suggested “they” are “hacking into our phones,” which is a pretty big allegation when it appears that someone just called his number?

During what was billed as the debut of a new social media platform,, Lindell began his live stream by announcing that the site had failed to launch due to hackers. He also announced that his company is suing Dominion Voting Systems for $1.6 billion to match the $1.6 billion lawsuit that has been leveled against him. Dominion has said that Lindell defamed the company by falsely claiming that its software had helped to steal the election from former President Donald Trump.

“MyPillow has just sued Dominion for $1.6 billion,” he said. “This is a free speech case. This is a First Amendment case.”

“And what a day to do this on the same day of launching Frank and they did everything they could all night long, destroying, destroying us,” Lindell added. “And we got live to you, we got live early. You’re not going to be able to put in your profiles like we said until, um, sometime today.”


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