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The Guardians of Democracy

Mike Lindell Now Claims An 850-Year-Old Person Voted In The 2020 Election


Mike Lindell Now Claims An 850-Year-Old Person Voted In The 2020 Election

MyPillow CEO and right-wing conspiracy theorist Mike Lindell recently claimed that an 850-year-old voted in the 2020 Election, as well as more than 2000 people who were over 200-years-old.

In the clip, Lindell gives no further details such as the name of the apparent 850-year-old, or where they voted.

“I’m going to give an example today, and I’m not going to say what state we pulled from the voter rolls to one of our team, we have a team that goes through all of it now with this other system that pulls up all anomalies. What I mean by that is five people voting from the same address,” Lindell said.

“I’ll give you an example today, 2650 people over the age of 100. Now you might say ‘well, that could be.’ 2000 of them were over 200 [years old]. Would you like to live in that state?

“They’re obviously deceased, but one guy was 850 years old.

“These are facts. You can get them from your own state’s thing,” Lindell added without clarifying what state or what thing people could use to check where these voters aged between 200 and 850 could be found.

Lindell, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, has emerged as one of the most vocal boosters still pushing the so-called Big Lie that Donald Trump won the last election. He has yet to produce any “evidence” to substantiate his outlandish theory that foreign hackers broke into the computer systems of election offices like Clark County to switch votes — in what he has described as the “biggest cyber-crime in world history.”


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