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MA GOP Governor To Sign Bill Raising Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour By 2023


MA GOP Governor To Sign Bill Raising Minimum Wage To $15 An Hour By 2023

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) will sign a “grand bargain” compromise bill on Thursday, which will raise the state’s minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2023, require paid family leave for workers and mandate an annual sales tax holiday in August, The Republican reported on Wednesday.

The legislation was pushed to keep a proposed state sales-tax cut off the November ballot, the newspaper reported.

The Hill added:

The bill also institutes a paid family leave program, allowing workers up to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a sick family member or baby and up to 20 weeks for care for their own medical needs.

The state’s current minimum wage of $11 will gradually raise to $15 by 2023. Tipped workers will also see a minimum wage increase.

An estimated 840,000 workers will see their wages rise by 2023, according to The Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center.

Holly Sklar, the CEO of Business for a Fair Minimum Wage, called the $15 minimum wage a “win-win” for businesses.

“Minimum wage increases will boost the consumer buying power that businesses depend on to thrive and create jobs,” Sklar said in a statement. “And with wages workers can live on, businesses will see lower employee turnover, increased productivity and happier customers.”



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