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Gov. Inslee Schools McCain To Her Face For Repeating Right-Wing Lies About Green New Deal

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Gov. Inslee Schools McCain To Her Face For Repeating Right-Wing Lies About Green New Deal

Washington Governor Jay Inslee appeared on “The View” Monday to discuss his 2020 presidential run, which will primarily focus on the climate change threat facing mankind.

Meghan McCain was hoping to burn Inslee about the Green New Deal, however, her plan immediately backfired when she attempted to use over-the-top bogus talking points like the ones peddled by Fox News pundits in recent weeks that the plan will supposedly take away hamburgers and ban all plane travel.

The Green New Deal “would cost $93 trillion or, to every person in this room, $600,000 for each of your households. Do you think that plan is practical or have you endorsed it, or do you have another option?” asked McCain, citing “artificially inflated” figures from a Republican-aligned think tank.

“When I hear that an average American is going to have to spend $600,000 for a Green New Deal, you can understand how people like me don’t think that’s logical,” she added.

“Well, this is a lot like the death panels you heard about in ObamaCare,” Inslee fired back. “We don’t have death panels and we don’t have $600,000 costs.”

“We’re talking about $51 trillion, the elimination of planes, the elimination of cows, a railway, no planes, I guess nobody can go to Hawaii anymore,” McCain shot back. “It doesn’t sound rational to me.”

Despite McCain’s claim that the proposal would eliminate planes, Politifact noted that airplanes aren’t mentioned at all.

“It doesn’t sound rational because those are the things that Donald Trump said,” Inslee replied with a look of frustration on his face. “We are not going to eliminate cars. We are not going to eliminate trains. We’re going to have what I have in my driveway today which is a blue GM Bolt made in Michigan with American workers.”

He also pointed out that airplanes may soon be able to fly using greener and cleaner biofuels and suggested the switch to solar, wind, and biofuels would be akin to when the telecommunications industry switched from rotary phones to cell phones.

He urged McCain not to be “so narrow-minded.”

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign spent $30,000 on 1,050 Uber rides. Al Gore’s home electricity was 20 times the national average even after a green overhaul,” McCain said, as Inslee laughed. “A lot of environmentalists don’t walk the walk, they just talk the talk, and then they want average Americans to spend $600,000!”

“Actually, that is not what’s proposed. Let’s get this straight,” said Inslee as the audience applauded him. “That is not proposed in the New Green Deal. I want to be real straight about this.”

McCain likely got her $93 trillion figure from a report published by the think tank American Action Forum.

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Ed Markey, who released the resolution with  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last month, fired back at the think tank’s flawed figures: “Any so-called ‘analysis’ of the #GreenNewDeal that includes artificially inflated numbers that rely on lazy assumptions, incl. about policies that aren’t even in the resolution is bogus,” Markey said on Twitter. “Putting a price on a resolution of principles, not policies, is just Big Oil misinformation.”


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