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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Claims ‘There Was Nobody Here’ In America ’25 Years’ Ago So ‘They Probably Had Cleaner Water’

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Trump Claims ‘There Was Nobody Here’ In America ’25 Years’ Ago So ‘They Probably Had Cleaner Water’

President Trump on Thursday night touted his administration’s repeal of a major Obama-era clean water regulation that had placed limits on polluting chemicals that could be used near streams, wetlands and other bodies of water.

“Earlier today, my administration formally repealed the horrible, dangerous, anti-everything waters of the United States rule,” Trump said at a House GOP retreat in Baltimore.

“We have the cleanest water, the cleanest air that we’ve ever had in the history of our country, right now,” Trump falsely claimed.

As pointed out last week:

The president twice referenced clean air and water in his list of purported facts, first claiming America has the “cleanest and safest air and water” and later implying that he is responsible for the accomplishment. This is one of Trump’s favorite environmental subjects, but by several metrics, the U.S. does not rank first in the world. And there is little evidence to suggest the administration has made air or water quality better.

As we’ve written previously, the 2018 Environmental Performance Index positions the U.S. 10th overall for best air quality and 29th for water and sanitation. On drinking water, America is ranked No. 1 along with nine other nations. But on water resources, or a measure of effective wastewater management, the U.S. comes in at No. 39, and on air pollution, a middling 83rd.

“And just for the press, because they’ll get me on that one, I’m thinking.  Let’s say the history of our country over the last 25 years,” he said. “I would say they probably had cleaner water, cleaner air because there was nobody here. So I have to be very accurate.”

Trump also railed against Obama-era energy-efficient light bulbs for nearly two-minutes on Thursday.

“The light bulb, people said, ‘What’s with the light bulb?’ I said, ‘here’s a story.’ And I looked at it – the bulb that we are being forced to use, number one, to me most importantly, the lights no good I always look orange,” Trump told the audience.

“And so do you,” he added. “The light is the worst. But number two, it’s many times more expensive than that old incandescent bulb that worked very well and very importantly, I don’t know if you know this, they have warnings.”

“If it breaks, It’s considered a hazardous waste site,” Trump claimed. “It’s gases inside. And read what they say. If it breaks, bring it to your local whatever. Have it wrapped. Have it this. What are we doing? What are we doing?”

He continued: “And I said to one of the top people today, ‘Well they break a lot, don’t they?’ ‘Yes sir!’ ‘What do they do?’ ‘They just throw them away, they don’t care.’ ”

“But they call it hazardous waste,” Trump said. “But it’s many times more expensive. And the light is not as good”

“I mean frankly. The light is not as good. So we’re gonna sell that but we’re also going to sell incandescent bulbs and people are so happy about it.”


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