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Gay Trump Supporter Calls Cops Because Black Lyft Driver Wouldn’t Let Him Play His Music, Uses Racial Slur


Gay Trump Supporter Calls Cops Because Black Lyft Driver Wouldn’t Let Him Play His Music, Uses Racial Slur

Video of a gay Trump supporter calling the police on a black Lyft driver for not allowing him to play his music during the ride has gone viral.

Robert Ortiz and two friends were picked up by Lyft driver Shaun Pepas Lettman after leaving a gay bar in New York City.

Ortiz reportedly asked Lettman if he could play his music over the car’s stereo system and when the driver refused, Ortiz began an argument with him.

“I came out of a gay club and your driver is racist against gay people,” the passenger can be heard telling Lyft customer support, adding that he felt threatened by the calm driver.

The passenger insists that he’s being racially targeted for not “being black” and threatened to sue the pickup car service. He also demanded the return of his $8.01 charge for the partial ride from Lettman.

At one point during the 16-minute-long video, Ortiz said he “called the police to protect myself because I know my legal rights as an American citizen that voted for Trump.”

“Yo, Boo, tell me why I’m in a Lyft and the n***a f**king pulled over,” Ortiz said to a friend while using a racial slur to refer to Lettman. “The n***a’s recording me without my consent because I asked for music.”

Ortiz told police that he was calling because he was “racially profiled because I’m not black” and that he was afraid Lettman would do something that “threatens my life.”

“After the end of the video, I had to also call the police for myself expressing my concerns and fear of what will happen if I was not assisted,” the driver wrote on a GoFundMe page he created when he was unsure of the future of his job. “Luckily there was no physical confrontation but the company I drive with felt it necessary to cancel my account pending investigation. Unfortunately, expenses weren’t suspended and I am left to dig myself out of an awfully stressful predicament.”

Ortiz has reportedly lost his job since the video went viral, and Lettman has been reinstated.


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