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Driver Attacks MSNBC Reporter Live On-Air During Hurricane Ida Report From Mississippi


Driver Attacks MSNBC Reporter Live On-Air During Hurricane Ida Report From Mississippi

An MSNBC reporter was attacked live on air on Monday by a deranged driver as he reported on Hurricane Ida in Mississippi.

Shaquille Brewster was reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Ida from Gulfport, Mississippi when he was approached by an angry white man.

In a video clip of the attack, a man can be seen pulling up in a white pickup truck while Brewster was reporting live on MSNBC.

As Brewster talked about how he saw postal workers delivering mail this morning and how people were walking their dogs back on the beach after the major storm, the man is seen running up to him from behind.

“The rain has stopped, the wind is still going there. I think we even have a random person going around,” Brewster said as the crazed man approached.

The man could be heard asking something about “reporting this accurately” as he got closer.

A calm Brewster told viewers: “You know, I’m going to turn this way because we deal with some people every once in a while.”

As he continued on with his report, the deranged man’s loud voice is heard in the background.

“Craig, I’m gonna toss it back to you because we have a person who needs a little help right now,” Brewster told MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin, just moments before the unknown man stepped in his face and appeared to strike him.

“Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey hey,” Melvin said as the live video cut back to the New York studios.

Melvin continued: “We’re going to check in with Shaq Brewster just to make sure all is well. There’s a lot of crazy out there. A lot of crazy. We’ll make sure Shaq’s OK and we’ll update you here in just a few moments.”

Shortly after the incident, Brewster took to Twitter to give viewers an update.

He wrote: “Appreciate the concern guys. The team and I are all good!”


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