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Following Rep. Greene’s Anti-LGBTQ Attacks, Dem Lawmaker Erects Trans Flag Outside Her Office


Following Rep. Greene’s Anti-LGBTQ Attacks, Dem Lawmaker Erects Trans Flag Outside Her Office

After trading barbs on the U.S. House floor over transgender rights, U.S. Representatives Marie Newman (D-IL) erected a blue, pink and white flag—which symbolizes support for equal rights for transgender people—directly across the hall from Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Capitol office door.

“Our neighbor, @RepMTG, tried to block the Equality Act because she believes prohibiting discrimination against trans Americans is ‘disgusting, immoral, and evil,’” Newman tweeted Wednesday, alongside a video of her installing her new large flag. Newman was referring to a vile anti-LGBTQ diatribe Greene unleashed a day earlier on Twitter.

“Thought we’d put up our Transgender flag so she can look at it every time she opens her door,” Newman added.

Earlier on Thursday, Greene took to the House floor to publicly attack the Equality Act, which would add people who are gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual to those who are protected under the Civil Rights Act.

“It has very serious consequences,” Greene said. “It will put trans rights above women’s rights.”

Greene decried that her daughter, who plays softball, would have to compete against and alongside transgender girls, who she repeatedly referred to as “biological men”—a pejorative to LGBT people and their allies.

“Biological women cannot compete against biological men,” Greene said.

Newman’s daughter is transgender.

Tearing up on the House floor, Newman described her daughter as the “strongest, bravest person I know.”

“My daughter has found her authentic self,” Newman said.

She explained that the Equality Act helps protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing, the workplace and elsewhere.

Asked about the newly-installed Trans flag, Greene’s office referred Newsweek to a tweet she sent directed at Newman that reads “your biological son does NOT belong in my daughters’ bathrooms, locker rooms and sports teams.”

House Democrats voted to strip Greene of her positions on the House Budget and Education committees, amid resurfaced reports of Greene sharing unfounded conspiracy theories and appearing to endorse online comments online threatening to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats. Democrats also pointed to a video Greene posted to YouTube in January 2020 that shows her badgering school shooting survivor David Hogg.


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