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Ex-WH Press Sec: Trump Asked ‘Intimate Questions’ About ‘My Relationship With My Boyfriend’


Ex-WH Press Sec: Trump Asked ‘Intimate Questions’ About ‘My Relationship With My Boyfriend’

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham says in an op-ed for The Washington Post that she told former President Trump and first lady Melania Trump that her relationship with an aide had turned abusive, “and they didn’t seem to care.”

In an op-ed published Tuesday, Grisham explained how the president had an interest in her relationship, even inviting the couple to several events.

“A hungry gossip, the president showed an ongoing interest in my relationship with my boyfriend, a fellow White House staffer, and asked intimate questions about our relationship,” Grisham wrote. “They also knew when the relationship turned abusive — and they didn’t seem to care.”

Grisham also published her tell-all memoir “I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw at the Trump White House” on Tuesday.

An excerpt of the book alleges that Grisham’s ex-boyfriend, Max Miller, was asked to play Trump his favorite songs whenever he was angry.

Miller is currently running for Congress in Ohio, and Trump has endorsed him.

Grisham alleges that she told Melania that her relationship with Miller had turned abusive, but hadn’t reported it to authorities because it would not be good to have another domestic abuse scandal in the administration “this close to the election.”

Following the first presidential debate, Grisham alleges that former President Trump expressed sympathy for her ex about the breakup, prompting her to tell him how the relationship turned abusive. Grisham said her ex-boyfriend was with the entourage that day.

“After I finished, the president crossed his arms and just said, ‘That surprises me. He was really broken up over things,’ ” Grisham writes. “After we got off the helicopter, Mrs. Trump said she was glad I told him.”

Grisham claims that it “didn’t seem to register” to Trump that one of his staffers was accused of assault by someone he trusted.

“To the contrary, knowing what he knows, Trump has endorsed my ex’s bid for Congress,” Grisham wrote. “The takeaway: Dealing with abuse claims is not in his interest, but having someone in office who will be a rubber stamp for his agenda is.”


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