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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

‘Do You Realize You’re Describing A Coup?’ Trump Adviser Grilled During Train Wreck Interview


‘Do You Realize You’re Describing A Coup?’ Trump Adviser Grilled During Train Wreck Interview

MSNBC host Ari Melber and former Trump White House official Peter Navarro clashed in a train wreck interview Tuesday night over Navarro’s attempt to overthrow the 2020 election results and upend our democracy.

Navarro recently published a memoir and is now pushing out interviews to reporters, bragging of a scheme he dreamed up with former Trump adviser Steve Bannon to overturn the results of the 2020 election. They dubbed the plan “the Green Bay Sweep.”

The plot sought to keep Trump in office by exerting maximum pressure on Vice President Mike Pence to block the certification of the Electoral College votes from pivotal swing states, by drawing out the proceedings on national television for as long as 24 hours. “It was a perfect plan,” Navarro told the Daily Beast. “We had over 100 congressmen committed to it.”

Asked by Melber to explain the “Green Bay sweep,” Navarro claimed he compiled a report beginning in late November 2020 that “proved that the election was in all likelihood stolen through fraud and election irregularities.”

“That’s false!” Melber interjected. “The question is, what was the plan itself and who was in on it?”

Navarro went on to explain that 100 GOP lawmakers were prepared to “implement the sweep,” by challenging the election results in six battleground states on Jan. 6.

“You just described this plan as a way to take an election where the outcome was established by independent secretaries of state, by the voters of those states, and legal remedies had been exhausted, with the Supreme Court never even taking let alone siding with any of the claims you just referred to,” Melber again interjected. “So legally they went nowhere. Then, you will use the incumbent losing party’s power — that was the Republican Party that was losing power — to overtake and reverse that outcome. Do you realize you’re describing a coup?”

Navarro denied Melber’s allegation, claiming that some secretaries of state “were put in power by George Soros with the express purpose of shifting the playing field.”

“We were following the Constitution and rules of the Senate to simply get a recount of what the votes were,” Navarro claimed.

Melber noted that Trump adviser Steve Bannon is “risking going to jail rather than just provide testimony about” the plan to overturn the election.

“You by contrast are describing it in your book, some of the same stuff,” Melber said. “I don’t know what he’s afraid of that you’re not. But when you describe in your book a system where after all the legal remedies are exhausted, the people who lost just make noise and say that they won and seize power, don’t you understand that if that actually were the system, it would be dumb and dangerous?”

“We have an entire system designed to thwart — and I want to say this respectfully, but it’s the truth — people like you,” Melber added. “To stop people like you who think that you can anoint themselves the reviewers of the voters, of the American people, of what they lawfully did, that you trump the Supreme Court. People like you are what the Constituions is designed to stop, and it worked, it did stop you.”


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