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‘Demonstrating Peacefully’: Tulsa Police Contradicts Trump’s Claim Of Violent Maniacs Outside His Rally

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‘Demonstrating Peacefully’: Tulsa Police Contradicts Trump’s Claim Of Violent Maniacs Outside His Rally

The Tulsa Police Department contradicted claims made by President Trump on Saturday night that “a bunch of maniacs” were “very violent” and attacked the city of Tulsa, referring to the largely peaceful demonstrations observed by dozens of journalists outside his Tulsa rally.

“Look at what happened tonight. Law enforcement said, ‘Sir, they can’t be outside, it is too dangerous,’ ” Trump told the half-empty stadium.

“We had a bunch of maniacs come and sort of attack our city,” he falsely claimed. “The mayor, the governor did a great job. But they were very violent. And our people are not nearly as violent, but if they ever were, it would be a terrible, terrible day for the other side.”

According to the Tulsa Police Department’s own tweets, the demonstrators were largely peaceful during the president’s speech.

“There are large groups of demonstrators who are walking around the downtown area adjacent to the event.

These groups are causing traffic issues, however they have been demonstrating peacefully,” TPD tweeted at 9:28 pm.

At 10:10 pm, TPD tweeted: “There are multiple groups of demonstrators with varying viewpoints in the area adjacent to the rally. Overwhelmingly these encounters have been peaceful with everyone attempting to share their views. President trump has left the area and should be departing on Airforce 1 soon.”

The NY Times provided the following Fact-check on Trump’s claim: “This lacks evidence. Reporters for The New York Times and other news organizations at the rally reported there were few protests and clashes with Trump supporters. A journalist for The Los Angeles Times said on Twitter that an entrance was closed briefly but that no one was turned away.”

“Even on the Fox News Channel, coverage leading into Mr. Trump’s rally showed few people milling about outside the BOK Center in Tulsa, Okla., and noted that there was little interaction between Trump supporters and people protesting his event,” The Times noted.


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