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Conservative Columnist: ‘The GOP Isn’t Fit To Govern’, They’re ‘Obstructing An Ongoing Investigation’


Conservative Columnist: ‘The GOP Isn’t Fit To Govern’, They’re ‘Obstructing An Ongoing Investigation’

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin slammed Republicans in a scathing editorial published on Thursday, writing that “the GOP isn’t fit to govern” while dismissing as “pure piffle” the Republican resolution to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the top Department of Justice (DOJ) official overseeing special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

“Not even House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) thinks that the resolution has merit,” Rubin wrote.

“The damage here is being done not by Rosenstein, but by irresponsible, hyper-partisan congressmen,” Rubin said. “The House Republican members who are obstructing an ongoing investigation of the Republican president and his cronies.”

“While their actions are protected (most likely) under the ‘speech or debate’ clause (preventing criminal prosecution or civil suit for actions that would otherwise be actionable),” she continued, “their pattern of conduct (cooking up a misleading memo about the FISA warrant application for Carter Page’s surveillance, exposing a confidential intelligence source, smearing the FBI) amounts to multiple blatant attempts to thwart an entirely legitimate investigation.”

Rubin said it was ironic that Republicans are arguing that if Democrats ever get control of Congress, then “they will tie the place up with bogus impeachment hearings and create gridlock.”

“No, Republicans are doing that all on their own,” Rubin wrote.

The Hill added:

Rubin has frequently criticized the GOP and President Trump in her “Right Turn” blog for the Post, referring to the president in the past as an “arrogant fool” and a “flat-out racist.”

In May 2016, the conservative columnist published a piece addressed to the Republican Party titled “Dear GOP: I’m just not that into you.”

She also said the Republican Party has become the “party of old white men” in April and accused Trump of “fomenting violence” against the press after the deadly shooting at a Maryland newsroom last month.


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