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Colorado Dems To AG Sessions: Focus On ‘Corruption’ And ‘Crime’, Not ‘A Drug That’s Safer Than Alcohol’


Colorado Dems To AG Sessions: Focus On ‘Corruption’ And ‘Crime’, Not ‘A Drug That’s Safer Than Alcohol’

Colorado Democrats ripped Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s order rescinding an Obama-era directive that banned federal prosecutors from enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that had legalized the substance, telling him to use taxpayer money on fighting “corruption” and “crime” instead of wasting it on “a drug that’s safer than alcohol.”

“We’ll give Jeff Sessions our legal pot when he pries it from our warm, extremely interesting to look at hands,” they tweeted Thursday.

“Instead of using taxpayer resources to go after a drug that’s safer than alcohol, Jeff Sessions should focus on political corruption and white collar crime,” they continued.

“If only there was some way we could mellow him out.”

The Colorado Democrats also highlighted the positive effects of marijuana legalization in the state, e.g. infrastructure projects partially funded by the state’s marijuana tax.

Sessions earlier Thursday moved to roll back the so-called Cole memo, which discouraged U.S. attorneys from prosecuting marijuana-related cases in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use.

The Hill added:

It was not immediately clear when Sessions will formally revoke the agreement, authored in 2013 by then-Deputy Attorney General James Cole.

The new policy sets up a battle between the federal government and states that have legalized the drug for recreational use.

The announcement garnered criticism from both Colorado’s Republican and Democratic senators.

Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) criticized the decision, exposing Trump’s and Sessions’s hypocrisy on states’ rights.

Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) also criticized Sessions, saying he “failed to listen to Colorado, and will create unnecessary chaos and confusion.”

Colorado is one of six states that has legalized the production, distribution, and sale of recreational marijuana.




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