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GOP Lawmaker Sparks Outrage After ‘Disgusting’ Tweet Attacking RBG As A Baby Murderer


GOP Lawmaker Sparks Outrage After ‘Disgusting’ Tweet Attacking RBG As A Baby Murderer

As condolences for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s family and fond memories of her life poured in from Democrats and Republicans alike, GOP Rep. Doug Collins’ decided to attack Ginsburg’s position on abortion rights.

“RIP to the more than 30 million innocent babies that have been murdered during the decades that Ruth Bader Ginsburg defended pro-abortion laws,” Collins tweeted. “With @realDonaldTrump nominating a replacement that values human life, generations of unborn children have a chance to live.”

Ginsburg, 87, was a pioneer for gender equality during her time on the court. She was known as one of the most liberal justices, and a defender of abortion rights on the basis that a woman should make decisions about her own body.

In one of her most notable opinions, she wrote the dissent to a 2007 ruling that upheld a ban on a form of partial-birth abortions, which she called “an effort to chip away at a right declared again and again by this court.” In 2016, she wrote a concurring stance to the majority rule against Texas restrictions on abortion clinics.

“When a State severely limits access to safe and legal procedures,” she argued, “women in desperate circumstances may resort to unlicensed rogue practitioners, faute de mieux, at great risk to their health and safety.”

The Georgia lawmaker was accused of “celebrating” Ginsburg’s death by critics on social media. His tweet about Ginsburg’s abortion stance was his first and only post about her death on Friday night.

“AJ” Delgado, a prominent conservative pundit and former adviser to President Trump’s 2016 campaign, tweeted: “Hey jackass, the guy running Trump’s Campaign asked me to get an abortion. Twice. So kindly piss off bc there are more secret abortions amongst the hypocritical GOP class than anywhere.”


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