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Conway Lies To Fox News Viewers, Claims ‘Antifa’ Stands For ‘Anti-First Amendment’

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Conway Lies To Fox News Viewers, Claims ‘Antifa’ Stands For ‘Anti-First Amendment’

During a segment on Fox & Friends on Monday, Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino on Monday both falsely claimed that Antifa is a shortened version of “anti-First Amendment,” when in reality it is a moniker for anti-fascism protesters.

Bongino argued that members of the movement are “not counter-protesters” during an appearance on Fox News.

“They’re not counter-protesters, OK?” Bongino said. “You’ve been in the media [for] a long time. Other outlets do this; it’s called gaslighting. Tell a lie, tell a lie confidently, and isolate people from the truth, and you can get people to believe anything.”

“Antifa are not counter-protesters, it is an anti-First Amendment — that’s what it stands for,” the commentator continued. “They tell you it stands for ‘anti-fascist,’ it really is ‘anti-First Amendment.’ They are an anti-First Amendment, ultra-violent terror group that wants to silence people’s free speech. They are not counter-protesters.”

“I 100 percent disavow violence. It has no place in a political conversation, ever, period, full-stop, on any side… I’m not saying nobody else does anything wrong, I’m simply saying the evidence of Antifa and their ultra-violent routine is everywhere. Stop calling them counter-protesters,” Bongino added.

Conway later made an appearance on the program and echoed Bongino’s claims that Antifa stands for “anti-First Amendment.”

“Do we know what ‘Antifa’ stands for? It’s ‘anti-First Amendment.’ So, that’s very curious,” the top White House aide said. “But your First Amendment does not — your First Amendment right to free speech does not extend to you being physically violent towards another human being because you disagree with their politics or because they have a red MAGA hat on.”

She continued: “That has to stop, just like the guy in Philadelphia shooting at six police officers, he’s got a rap sheet the size of me, and everybody’s screaming about gun control.”

“People have to focus on the violence that’s happening, you can’t just pick and choose who you think is criminally reprehensible and violent and worthy of punishment based on their politics,” Conway added.

Bongino appeared to have first made the Antifa claim over the weekend, when he tweeted on Saturday: “Everywhere the group ANTIFA (Anti-First Amendment) goes, violence and chaos follows.”


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