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Trump Snaps When Asked How He Could Fall In ‘Love’ With A Brutal Dictator: ‘I’m Not A Baby’


Trump Snaps When Asked How He Could Fall In ‘Love’ With A Brutal Dictator: ‘I’m Not A Baby’

President Donald Trump snapped back at CBS’s 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl after she read him a list of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un’s atrocities and asked him how he could say he fell in love with someone who’s done such things.

“He presides over a cruel kingdom of repression, gulags, starvation. Reports that he had his half-brother assassinated. Slave labor. Public executions. This is a guy you love?” Stahl asked.

“I’m not a baby. I know these things,” Trump snapped back.

Trump defended his recent claim that he had fallen in love with the North Korean leader as a “figure of speech.”

“No it’s like an embrace,” Stahl fired back.

“Let it be an embrace. Let it be whatever it is to get the job done,” Trump replied.

“He’s a bad guy,” Stahl countered.

“Let it be whatever it is. I get along with him really well,” Trump responded. “I have a good energy with him. I have a good chemistry with him. Look at the horrible threats that were made. No more threats. No more threats.”

The president also claimed the United States was on the brink of war with North Korea when came into office.

“The day before I came in, we were goin’ to war with North Korea. I sat with President Obama,” he said.

Stahl interrupted him to ask: “We were goin’ to war?”

“I think it was going to end up in war. And my impression is – and even in my first few months, I mean, that rhetoric was as tough as it could possibly get,” he said.

At a fiery rally in West Virginia last month, Trump declared that he and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un “fell in love.”

“I was really being tough and so was he,” he said at a rally for Senate candidate and state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey (R). “And we would go back and forth. And then we fell in love. No really. He wrote me beautiful letters.”

“They were great letters. And then we fell in love.”

Trump praised Kim at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

“I would like to thank Chairman Kim for his courage and for the steps he has taken, though much work remains to be done,” he said.


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