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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Jake Tapper Issues Scathing Takedown Of Trump’s Attacks On Constitutional Systems, Praise Of Dictators


Jake Tapper Issues Scathing Takedown Of Trump’s Attacks On Constitutional Systems, Praise Of Dictators

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Monday opened his show with a scathing takedown of Donald Trump’s attacks on “the Constitutional systems we have in place to protect the nation any theoretical, would-be dictator” at a time “when President Trump has shown unusual actual outreach to a number of actual dictators.”

“Journalists are the enemies of the people, but [Trump] would be honored to meet Kim Jung-Un,” Tapper said.

“President Trump today saying he would be ‘honored’ to meet with North Korea’s despotic dictator under the right circumstances, and that is not even the first maniacal and murderous strongman he has opened up to in the past day,” Tapper added.

“The White House is now acknowledging that it has spent time and your tax dollars trying to figure out a way to change the modern legal interpretation of the First Amendment to the Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of the press,” Tapper said, a reference to Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus’ assertion on Sunday that his administration is “looking” at ways to change libel laws to make it easier to go after journalistic institutions.

“James Madison be damned,” he added.

As to the president’s claim that Kim Jung-Un is a “pretty smart cookie,” Tapper said “Kim Jung-Un had his uncle murdered, that does not make Kim Jung-Un a ‘smart cookie,’ that makes him a murderer.”

Tapper then turned to Trump’s praise of Rodrigo Duterte, noting that the Philippines president has orchestrated the “extra-judicial killings of at least 7,000 Filipino citizens by the police” and has in the past said “some journalists should be assassinated.”

RawStory adds:

“This is all of a piece,” Tapper said, adding Trump has previously heaped praise on Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Russian president Vladimir Putin, former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein and former Libyan Prime Ministrer Muammar Gaddafi.

“Equating brutality and despotism with leaders—that’s not an American value,” Tapper said.

Watch the takedown below:


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