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Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Says It’s Unfair To Call The Portland Attacker A White Supremacist


Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Says It’s Unfair To Call The Portland Attacker A White Supremacist

Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked his viewers to not be quick to label the Portland man who allegedly killed two men on a commuter train after they intervened as he spewed hate speech at two women who looked Muslim, a white supremacist, despite an overwhelming mountain of evidence that he was in fact, a white supremacist.

Carlson argued that Christian’s brutal murders are “hardly the behavior of a coherent white supremacist,” but “fake civil rights groups” like the SPLC “jumped on board immediately,” reports Media Matters.

Jeremy Christian, 35, was arrested early Saturday and charged with two counts of aggravated murder, one of attempted murder, two of intimidation, and one of being a felon in possession of a restricted weapon after he slashed the throats of the three men who came to the rescue of two women, one who was wearing a traditional hijab.

The Portland Police Bureau said in a report that the man “was on the MAX train yelling various remarks that would be best characterized as hate speech toward a variety of ethnicities and religions. At least two of the victims attempted to intervene with the suspect and calm him down. The suspect attacked the men, stabbing three, before leaving the train.”

In January, the suspect posted:  “Trump is the Next Hitler then I am joining his SS to put an end to Monotheist Question. All Zionist Jews, All Christians who do not follow Christ’s teaching of Love, Charity, and Forgiveness And All Jihadi Muslims are going to Madagascar or the Ovens/FEMA Camps!!! Does this make me a fascist!!!”

He also wrote earlier this year: “I just Challenged Ben Ferencz(Last Living Nuremberg Persecutor) to a Debate in the Hague with Putin as our judge. I will defend the Nazis and he will defend the AshkeNAZIs.”

As deputies led him into the courtroom on Tuesday, the suspect began to rant about patriotism, free speech, and the enemies of America in his first court appearance on Tuesday.

“Free speech or die,” he shouted. “This is America, get out if you don’t like free speech.”

“You call it terrorism, I call it patriotism,” he continued.

He then began calling for death to the “enemies of America,” including anti-fascists.

Christian had been a participant in recent “alt-right” rallies in Portland.

At a “free speech rally” in Montavilla City Park on April 29, he was captured on video wrapped in an American flag, giving Nazi salutes, reports the Guardian.

Local reporters captured him yelling racial slurs and threatening to shoot “anyone who tries to disarm me”.

The Guardian adds:

The same day, he posted “Hail Vinland!!! Hail Victory!!!”, combining a familiar catchphrase that was used at a post-election rally by the activist Richard Spencer.

Portland-based antifascist researcher Shane Burley, author of the forthcoming book Fascism Today, told the Guardian that “Vinland” refers to the area of eastern Canada that Leif Erikson supposedly settled from Iceland. On the far right, he said, it is used as a way of asserting that white nationalists “are Vikings in a new land continuing the ancient battle for the preservation of their people”.

Christian wrote several recent posts opposing male circumcision, writing that “I want a job in Norway cutting off the heads of people that circumcize babies” and posting articles about recent attempts in Norway to ban the practice. Circumcision, Burley said, “is a common men’s rights activist talking point to signify a culturewide persecution of men”.

Christian also posted material from media outlets depicting his participation in the April rally, referring to his use of an American flag as a cape as his “Lizard King Regalia”.

His engagement with far-right politics may be relatively new.

None of this critical information made it to air in Carlson’s segment Tuesday night, as Media Matters noted.

Instead, Carlson attempted to remove the label of White Supremacist by claiming Christian hated all groups and even supported Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders.

Transcript via Media Matters:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): As you may have heard, over the weekend, a deranged man in the state of Oregon called Jeremy Christian began berating Muslims on a train, and when three men approached to intervene, he stabbed two of them to death. It was an atrocity, but it was only the first of many in the story.

Almost immediately after it happened, the press scrambled to define what exactly had happened. Right wing, white supremacist commits murder, provoked by Trump’s climate of hate, or maybe climate of fear, maybe both.

Fake civil rights groups like the Center for Islamic Relations and the Southern Poverty Law Center jumped onboard immediately, blaming President Trump’s rhetoric.


The accused killer was not a Trump voter, he actually backed Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders in the 2016 race and indeed called for violent attacks on Trump supporters during the election. A video from the day before the stabbing shows him denouncing not just Muslims, but also, Jews and Christians. And in a Facebook posting from last June, he attacked Hillary Clinton for allegedly keeping Honduran refugees out of this country. Hardly the behavior of a coherent white supremacist.

At the alt-right rally, supposedly attended in April, he was apparently there to pick fights with everyone, whether they loved trump or hated him. Once you dig a little, you find this guy wasn’t a right-winger, but an unstable maniac who hated almost everybody, and maybe inevitably was going to lash out at some point, but don’t tell that tot the media, though. Like progressives everywhere, they see racists under every bed.


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