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Christian Prophet Claims Democrats Created Hurricane Michael In ‘Retaliation’ For Kavanaugh’s Confirmation


Christian Prophet Claims Democrats Created Hurricane Michael In ‘Retaliation’ For Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Retired firefighter turned Christian prophet, Mark Taylor, took to Twitter on Wednesday to tell his Evangelical followers that the Democrats are using weather control technology to create a monster hurricane and sent it barreling toward the “most conservative area of Florida.”

Taylor, who earlier this month claimed Hurricane Florence was created by liberals to cover up mass voter fraud in North Carolina, claimed that “scared” liberals created Hurricane Michael in “retaliation” for Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court.

“Does anyone else think it’s strange that Justice K is sworn in and we have a major hurricane inbound? DS scared? They should be. Retaliation? Absolutely. We will not be intimidated! Warriors arise, time to go to work! You know what to do,” tweeted the so-called “Firefighter Prophet” on Tuesday.

“I warned weeks ago that there would all kinds of attacks to disrupt the elections. No coincidence this monster storm is hitting the most conservative area of Florida. Never in history has been a Cat 4 in the month of Oct. 100 year storm. All the southeast affected. Pray!” he tweeted Wednesday morning.

And yes, his followers are taking his claims seriously:

In June, Taylor claimed that liberals were planning to create hurricanes to suppress the midterm election turn out.

The Guardian reports:

It was, everyone agreed, a miracle. The unexpected election of Donald Trump in 2016 was an act of God, who chose the philandering billionaire and reality TV star to restore America’s moral values. This is the theme of The Trump Prophecy, a movie telling the story of Mark Taylor, a former fireman from Orlando forced to retire after suffering from PTSD, which premiered on Tuesday.

Between graphic nightmares featuring demonic monsters and hellish flames, Taylor received a message from God in April 2011, while he was surfing television channels. As he clicked to an interview with Trump, Taylor heard God say: “You are hearing the voice of the next president.”

About 1,200 cinemas across the US screened The Trump Prophecy on Tuesday and Thursday last week. There may be repeat showings if there is demand. Given several rows of empty seats in the Regal River Ridge Stadium in Lynchburg, Virginia – a conservative evangelical heartland – that may prove unnecessary.


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