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Workers At Ivanka Trump Clothing Factory Report Verbal Abuse: Report

Corporate Greed

Workers At Ivanka Trump Clothing Factory Report Verbal Abuse: Report

Workers at a factory that produces clothing for Ivanka Trump’s brand in Indonesia have described being verbally abused by superiors and receiving one of the lowest minimum wages in Asia, according to a new report.

The Guardian, citing interviews with more than a dozen workers at the fashion label’s factory in Subang, Indonesia, reported on cases of employees saying they regularly work unpaid overtime and make the equivalent of $173 a month.

“The management is getting smarter: they tap out our ID cards at 4pm so you can’t prove anything,” said one worker.

Other workers said that management often calls workers by derogatory names such as “animals,” “moron” and “monkey,” according to the report.

Factory management is also accused of avoiding paying a “religious holiday bonus” by firing workers just before the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, then rehiring them after the month ends.

The Hill added:

“The accusations against the Indonesian factory come on the heels of accusations against factories that produced Trump’s brand in China. In April, The Washington Post reported that workers at one of the fashion label’s China factories make about $60 a week for 60 hours of work.

More recently, one activist was arrested and several others went missing in May while attempting to investigate a separate factory that makes Ivanka Trump-branded shoes in China. Despite pressure from the Trump administration, the Chinese government refused to release the activists in a statement in June.”

In a statement, Trump’s brand said that the factory where the activists were arrested had been discontinued as a supplier.

“After discussions with our licensee, we have determined that Ivanka Trump brand products have not been produced at the factory in question since March,” said Abigail Klem, president of Ivanka Trump’s brand.

“Our licensee works with many footwear production factories and all factories are required to operate within strict social compliance regulations.”


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