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Woman Caught On Video Coughing And Spitting On Walmart Employee Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Woman Caught On Video Coughing And Spitting On Walmart Employee Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

A Walmart shopper was caught on video allegedly spitting and coughing on a store employee after apparently not paying her full bill, reports The Sun.

The shocking incident, which is believed to have taken place on March 26 at a Walmart in Yreka, California, shows the angry shopper berating Walmart workers with degrading profanities and obscene gestures at the cash register, after spitting and appearing to cough on them.

The woman who recorded the cellphone video told ViralHog she noticed the altercation as she was waiting in line and started recording when the customer became aggressive towards the cashier.

She added: “This was all over $22 that she still had to pay. She did not want to put anything back and she believed that she paid for everything in her cart.”

The video shows the shopper putting her hand on part of the register, and says: “I’m trying to see what I purchased. You guys are so dumb. Walmart? … You guys like working for Walmart? Lets call 911.”

As the woman appeared to type into her phone, a store manager calmly pulls the woman’s cart out of the way and asks her to step aside, which prompted her to forcefully cough in his direction.

She then appears to spit towards another Walmart employee.

When the store manager tells her he was calling the police, she yelled: “I’m going to ask you to shut the f*** up and get the f*** away from me before I slice your neck with my spit again.

“Did you see where it landed?… What’s that right there?” she asked as she pointed to the manager’s pants.

She then makes an obscene gesture and asks the manager: “Did you just do this in the bathroom?”

“I coughed,” she says. “Did you see how easy it was to get the spit out? It’s a lesson. It’s called get your phlegm out because that’s where you’re getting the fat out. And the fat holds the toxins and the f***ing viruses.”

“I don’t get any enjoyment from slapping you because your head would be rolling in the isles,” she continued.

According to the woman who recorded the video, police arrived after the video ended and “the woman calmly walked outside.” It is unclear if the woman was arrested after being escorted outside.


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