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With A Finger Pointed To His Brain, Trump Claims ‘Dummy’ Biden ‘Is The Weakest Mentally’


With A Finger Pointed To His Brain, Trump Claims ‘Dummy’ Biden ‘Is The Weakest Mentally’

President Trump unleashed a barrage of personal attacks against former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday, telling reporters Biden is “weak mentally,” adding, “I like running against people who are weak mentally.”

“When a man has to mention my name 76 times in his speech, that means he’s in trouble,” Trump told reporters before departing the White House. “I have to tell you, he’s a different guy. He looks different then he used to, he acts different than he used to, he is even slower than he used to be. So I don’t know. But when he mentions my name that many times, I guess I should be complimented.”

As Politico notes, the president has repeatedly tried to diminish Biden “by questioning his mental and physical fitness, a tactic he’s also deployed against his former rival Hillary Clinton and Speaker Nancy Pelosi.”

Trump said he’d rather run against Biden in 2020, who he dismissed as a “loser” and a “dummy” that was picked up “off the trash heap” by former President Barack Obama during the 2008 election.

“I’d rather run against I think Biden than anybody,” the president told reporters as he pointed a finger to his brain. “I think he’s the weakest mentally. And I like running against people that are weak mentally. I think Joe is the weakest up here. The other ones have much more energy. I don’t agree with their policies, but I think Joe is a man who is, I call him one percent Joe. Because until Obama came along he didn’t do very well. But look, but I don’t bring him up.”

Trump attacked the Democratic frontrunner while he was overseas last week, agreeing with Kim in questioning Biden’s intellectual chops.

“I was actually sticking up for Sleepy Joe Biden while on foreign soil,”Trump tweeted last month, disputing claims he sided with a dictator over an American former vice president. “Kim Jong Un called him a ‘low IQ idiot,’ and many other things, whereas I related the quote of Chairman Kim as a much softer ‘low IQ individual.’ Who could possibly be upset with that?”

Moments after the president returned to American soil, Biden’s campaign manager labeled Mr. Trump’s remarks “beneath the dignity of the office.”


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