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The Guardians of Democracy

White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man Sitting In Car In Front Of His Own House


White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man Sitting In Car In Front Of His Own House

A white woman was caught on video calling the police on a Black man for sitting in his car in front of his own home.

“Didn’t think this would happen to me,” the man says as he steps out of his vehicle.

A woman wearing a red shirt is seen in the video walking towards his vehicle and informing him she’s going to call the police on him.

“Go ahead,” the man tells her.

“I already did,” she fires back. “They are on their way.”

“Good, good,” the man responds as the woman walks up to his residence. “This lady is crazy y’all.”

“I’m at my house,” the man tells the camera before he’s interrupted by the woman demanding that he prove it is his house while standing on his doorstep.

“Why don’t you come into your f*cking house?” she demands.

“No problem,” the man replies.

“This lady is in my way at my house saying I don’t live here,” he says as he walks past her, opens his door, and walks into his house.

“This woman is saying I don’t live here,” the man says to his family waiting for him inside. “This is my house.”

“You’re crazy lady. Another white lady pulling some more bull crap,” the man tells the camera.

“I was waiting for my son,” the man tells the woman who continues to stand on his doorstep.

“I don’t have to do anything you say, lady,” he says as the woman makes more demands. “She already called the police,” he tells his family.

“Another one of those ladies on tv – on the internet,” he tells the camera as the woman runs away from the camera.

She is then heard shouting profanities and accusing the man of being a drug dealer as she walks past young children playing in the street.

Karen calls police on man sitting in his car outside his own house from r/PublicFreakout


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