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White House’s Official Twitter Account Attacked Purple Heart Recipient Vindman As He Testified


White House’s Official Twitter Account Attacked Purple Heart Recipient Vindman As He Testified

The White House’s official Twitter account launched an online smear campaign targeting Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official who raised concerns about Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president, as he testified before Congress Tuesday morning.

The account tweeted a quote from the deposition of Vindman’s former boss, former National Security Council official Tim Morrison, expressing doubt and concerns about Vindman’s “judgement.”

The White House account also retweeted several video clips calling into question Vindman’s integrity and loyalty to the United States.

Earlier in the hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) asked Vindman about Morrison’s concerns about his judgment.

Vindman responded by reading from his last performance evaluation that Hill had given him, dated this past July.

“Alex is a top 1% military officer and the best Army officer I have worked with in my 15 years of government service,” Vindman read from the document.

“‘He is brilliant, unflappable, and exercises excellent judgment’—I’m sorry—‘Was exemplary during numerous visits,’ so forth and so on. I think you get the idea,” he added.

Addressing Morrison’s remarks, Vindman noted that they had only recently started working together and that Morrison hadn’t been there very long and it could have been a clash of cultures.

The attack marks the second time this month President Trump or the White House tweeted about a witness as they’re testifying publicly in the impeachment inquiry.

Last week, Trump attacked former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch from his personal account, prompting Democrats to allege that he was engaging in real-time witness intimidation.


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