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White House Says Trump Lied When He Said Melania Has ‘Gotten To Know’ Dictator Kim Well (They’ve Never Met)


White House Says Trump Lied When He Said Melania Has ‘Gotten To Know’ Dictator Kim Well (They’ve Never Met)

The White House on Monday released a statement contradicting President Trump’s claim that first lady Melania Trump has “gotten to know” North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un.

In fact, The White House clarified that the first lady has never met the brutal dictator after Trump suggested at a press conference earlier in the day that she knew the dictator well.

“I also say that, by the way, with respect to North Korea, Kim Jong Un — who I’ve gotten to know extremely well; the first lady has gotten to know Kim Jong Un, and I think she’d agree with me — he is a man with a country that has tremendous potential,” Trump said during the wide-ranging press conference that capped off his visit to the Group of Seven (G-7) summit in France.

The White House released a statement Monday afternoon about Trump’s false remarks.

“President Trump confides in his wife on many issues including the detailed elements of his strong relationship with Chairman Kim — and while the First Lady hasn’t met him, the President feels like she’s gotten to know him too,” said White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, who also served as Melania Trump’s spokeswoman.

The first lady has not been present for any of the three face-to-face meetings between Trump and Kim, reports The Hill.

Trump has routinely boasted about his close relationship with Kim, one of the world’s most repressive leaders, claiming to have “fallen in love” with him.

At the G7 on Sunday, Trump told reporters he was “not happy” about North Korea’s missile tests but said Kim was “not in violation of any agreement.”

“I discussed long-range ballistic and that he cannot do and he hasn’t been doing it and he hasn’t been doing nuclear testing. He has done short-range, much more standard missiles, a lot of people are testing those missiles, not just him. We are in the world of missiles folks, whether you like it or not,” Trump added during a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Abe disagreed with Trump’s assessment. “Our position is very clear, the launch of the short-range ballistic missiles by North Korea clearly violates the relevant UN Security Council resolutions.”


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