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‘We Just Need N**gers Gone’: Alabama Students Wish To Put Blacks In ‘Concentration Camps’ In Disturbing Video


‘We Just Need N**gers Gone’: Alabama Students Wish To Put Blacks In ‘Concentration Camps’ In Disturbing Video

A disturbing video showing Alabama high school students drinking and using racist and anti-semitic slurs at an off-campus gathering surfaced on social media over the weekend, reports

The 45-second video was first shared by Twitter user Malorie Moore on Sunday night, reports RawStory. The outlet notes that “it was not immediately clear when the video was created.” reports that the teens seen in the video attend schools in Hoover, a suburb south of Birmingham.

“[S]o this is how students at @SpainPark High School in Hoover, Alabama act?” she asked.

“Without the Holocaust, what would the world be like?” one student can be heard asking in the video. “Jews would run the world.”

“F*ck n****rs, f*ck Jews,” another student says.

“Jews are fine because they are white,” a young woman declares.

“Jews would be running the world right now,” the first student says.

“Fine, we just need n****rs gone,” the woman replies.

“You stick them in concentration camps,” the first student agrees.

“No, you just have to wait until they die off,” the woman declares.

The students also discussed the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

“How about we just kick out all the Democrats?” the female student says.

Hoover City Councilman Derrick Murphy said, “I am saddened by the words and thoughts of these children. There is no excuse for hate speech; or hate for that matter. This does not represent our city.”

Hoover Superintendent Kathy Murphy told, “We are exceptionally sad and disappointed that this would either be the attitude of some of our young people or whatever would prompt them to have such conversations.”

Superintendent Murphy said she held a conference call early Monday morning with both Hoover and Spain Park high school principals, confirming the students seen in the video are enrolled in their school system.

Murphy noted that any disciplinary action would take into account that the event happened off of school property.

“To the extent that a matter happens off campus and has some residual impact in the school itself,” Murphy said, will affect what action is taken.

“It certainly speaks to the work we have before us,” she said.

Spain Park High School senior Unique Simpson, in a statement to, said, “Honestly, I am so sick and tired of going through this same routine at Spain Park High School.” Simpson, who is African-American, said multiple incidents have happened at the school that she feels have not been handled well by administrators. “I’ve been through so many personal experiences,” she said. “This needs to stop.”

Some of the students from the video appeared to have issued “apologies,” according to screenshots shared by Twitter user Malorie Moore.


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