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Watergate Prosecutor: Giuliani Basically ‘Admitted’ Mueller Has Good Obstruction Case Against Trump


Watergate Prosecutor: Giuliani Basically ‘Admitted’ Mueller Has Good Obstruction Case Against Trump

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks said late Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” that President Trump‘s attorney Rudy Giuliani basically “admitted” that special counsel Robert Mueller has a good case for obstruction of justice when he asked about limiting the questions that Mueller could ask Trump about obstruction.

“He said, ‘Oh I’m fine with collusion because there’s no collusion, but obstruction, that’s a matter of interpretation,'” Wine-Banks said. “And it isn’t. Facts are a funny thing. The truth and the facts will come out, and I don’t think it’s going to show that it’s a matter of interpretation, but of guilt.”

Wine-Banks warned that Giuliani is trying to control the public’s understanding of the interview negotiations with Mueller’s investigators.

“You have unanswered accusations from Giuliani that Mueller cannot and must not answer because he’s acting appropriately,” she said. “Giuliani can say whatever he wants and then he can say, ‘And see how unfair it was, they didn’t want to agree to that, they said they would and then they wouldn’t.’”

Wine-Banks also argued that a New York Times report that Trump “berated” Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his recusal from the Russia probe in March 2017 is another example of potential obstruction.

Trump has repeatedly attacked Mueller’s investigation, calling it a “hoax,” a “witch hunt,” and “a pure hit job.” In recent weeks he has accused the FBI of planting a “spy” in his 2016 presidential campaign.

The Hill added:

Giuliani said on Tuesday that Trump would not sit for an interview with Mueller until his legal team receives all documents related to the FBI’s use of an informant.

“We need all the documents before we can decide whether we are going to do an interview,” Giuliani told The Washington Post.



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