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WATCH: Trump Shoves Montenegro’s Prime Minister To Get To The Front Of NATO Group


WATCH: Trump Shoves Montenegro’s Prime Minister To Get To The Front Of NATO Group

President Donald Trump, during his visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels on Thursday, appeared to grab the arm of Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic and shove him out of the way so he could be at the front of a group of world leaders.

A CNBC reporter created a slow-motion version of the video showing the altercation.

Shortly after the altercation, Trump made his first address as President to the NATO leaders.

Trump, who frequently called NATO “obsolete” during the campaign, proceeded to scold his fellow world leaders for not meeting their financial commitments to the alliance and declined to reiterate US commitment to the alliance’s mutual defense pledge.

“Members of the alliance must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations,” Trump told the heads of state.

“Twenty-three of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the United States,” he said.

CNN notes: “The call appeared to reveal Trump’s continued misunderstanding of NATO members’ defense commitments. While Trump argued that many of the allies ‘owe massive amounts of money from past years,’ the 2% defense spending benchmark that allies must meet is designed to boost their military, not to funnel money to NATO or other allies.”

Trump then offered this tongue-in-cheek remark on the official opening of NATO’s $1 billion new headquarters: I “never asked once what the new NATO headquarters cost.”


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