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WATCH: Maskless ‘Karen’ Tased And Arrested After Ignoring Officer’s Orders To Leave Stadium


WATCH: Maskless ‘Karen’ Tased And Arrested After Ignoring Officer’s Orders To Leave Stadium

A maskless woman was tased and placed under arrest at a football game in Logan, Ohio on Wednesday after she refused an officer’s orders to wear a mask or leave the stadium.

A witness tells WTAP the woman, identified as Alecia Kitts, is the parent of a Marietta Middle School student who was playing in Wednesday night’s football game.

According to the Logan Police Department, a school resource officer worked the games at the request of the Logan Hocking School District to ensure the safety of fans and athletes. Part of that assignment required the officer to make sure everyone is following CDC, Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Athletic Association and Logan Hocking School District guidelines.

One of those guidelines mandated by the school district is that all spectators wear a face mask while on school property.

Police say the officer was walking the stadium when he noticed a woman sitting in the stands without a mask. When he approached the woman and told her she needed to put a mask on because of school policy, police say the woman told the officer she had asthma and wasn’t going to put one on.

“The resource officer says he then told her several more times to put on a mask, and if she didn’t, he would ask her to leave and she would have to wait outside the stadium,” reports WTAP. “Police say the woman continually refused to put a mask on. At that point, the officer told the woman if she didn’t leave, she would be cited for trespassing and escorted off the property. Logan Police say after several failed attempts to get the woman to leave, he informed her she was under arrest for criminal trespassing and asked her to put her hands behind her back. He says she refused to do that as well.”

Police say the officer then tried to place her hands behind her back, but she started trying to pull away. At that point, the officer warned her that if she didn’t comply he would tase her. Police say she kept resisting, so the officer deployed his Taser.

“At that point, he was able to get the woman in custody. Another officer then arrived and escorted the woman from the stadium. Police say the woman kept trying to pull away from officers while she was being taken out of the stadium and was then placed into a cruiser. According to police, Hocking County Emergency Medical Services responded, but the woman refused treatment.”

The woman has been charged with criminal trespassing and released. Police say additional charges are pending against her and another woman involved. Police say the woman was not arrested for not wearing a mask, but was charged for violating school policy and refusing to leave the premises.

Logan Police said in a statement, “This is an unfortunate incident for everyone involved. The incident remains under investigation.”


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