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Watch A Florida Deputy Steal Cash, Prescription Drugs From 85-Year-Old After He Was Taken To Hospital


Watch A Florida Deputy Steal Cash, Prescription Drugs From 85-Year-Old After He Was Taken To Hospital

A Florida sheriff’s deputy was arrested after a home surveillance system captured him stealing prescription drugs, money and jewelry from an 85-year-old man’s home after he was taken to the hospital.

Deputy Jason Cooke was taken into custody last week on burglary and grand theft with a firearm charges for robbing the home of Moe Rosoff, who fell during the storm and later died, reported the Sun-Sentinel.

Authorities had received a call from Rosoff’s concerned family members on September 12 asking them to perform a welfare check on the 85-year-old, Local 10 WPLG reports.

Three deputies, not including Cooke, responded to the call and found Rosoff unconscious on the floor of his bedroom after he had fallen and hit his head.

He was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

Investigators say that shortly after the scene was cleared, Cooke broke into Rosoff’s home allegedly using the garage code he had found in a dispatch log. Cooke gained access to the home 90 minutes after paramedics took the gravely injured man to the hospital.

Surveillance footage, which was released by his family on Tuesday, showed him going through cabinets in the house and putting several items in his pocket.

“This video shows Officer Cooke entering our father’s house, in a gated retirement community, through the garage door and going directly to the Master Bedroom, where we believe he stole money and jewelry,” the family said in a statement to the media.

“He then goes to the kitchen where he steals several medications.”

“We were told that Officer Cooke denied the crime at first, but after he was shown the video he admitted the crimes.”

Relatives claim that a number of prescription drugs were found in the officer’s patrol car that didn’t belong to Rosoff, leading them to believe he allegedly targeted other houses.

They also accuse police of dragging their feet on the arrest and withholding documents about the case. Cooke was arrested five weeks after the family reported the video to police on Sept. 20, eight days after the break-in.

The family said police allowed Cooke to enter a 30-day drug rehabilitation program before his arrest.

“If Officer Cooke was operating in his official capacity under these medications,” the family said in a statement, “it is our belief that he may have posed a significant threat to the public’s safety since just a few of the noted side effects of these medications include confusion, impaired thinking, impaired reactions, abnormal behavior, tremors, drowsiness, altered state of consciousness and anger. In our opinion, had we not had this video, this cop would still be out there posing a threat of danger to the community he swore to protect and committing more crimes.”




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