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Two White College Students Arrested After They Were Caught On Video Shouting N-Word


Two White College Students Arrested After They Were Caught On Video Shouting N-Word

Two white University of Connecticut students were reportedly arrested and charged after police say they shouted the N-word at least five times while walking through a parking lot near a university apartment complex.

Jarred Karal and Ryan Mucaj, both 21, were arrested and charged with ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race, The Washington Post reports.

The misdemeanor charge can come with a maximum 30-day prison sentence, a fine of up to $50 or both.

As the men walked through the parking lot yelling the racial slur, someone with their window open heard the men and recorded an 11-second video, which has gone viral on social media since it was posted earlier this month.

University authorities say they learned about the video on Oct. 11, and its circulation online spurred campus police to investigate the incident.

The Hill reports:

They determined that the group was playing “a game in which they yelled vulgar words” but “switched to saying a racial epithet” once they got to the parking lot, the Post reports. Police also determined that the third person in the video did not say the racial slur.

The university is additionally investigating the incident and whether the two arrested students violated the student code of conduct. They are subject to additional penalties, potentially including expulsion, the Post reports.

“It is supportive of our core values to pursue accountability, through due process, for an egregious assault on our community that has caused considerable harm,” university President Thomas C. Katsouleas told the Post in a statement.


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