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Tulsa Trump Rally Attendees Call Coronavirus A ‘Hoax’, Claim The ‘Numbers Do Not Add Up’


Tulsa Trump Rally Attendees Call Coronavirus A ‘Hoax’, Claim The ‘Numbers Do Not Add Up’

Despite widespread concerns and urgent warnings from health officials about the worsening coronavirus outbreak in Tulsa, Okla., Trump supporters are already lining up to get their seats inside the BOK Center in Tulsa ahead of the president’s MAGA rally on Saturday.

The Tulsa campaign event makes President Trump’s first rally since early March, when he held court at Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C.

Diehard Trump supporters began camping outside the arena as early as Sunday night and Monday morning.

Trump supporters interviewed by MSNBC said they are not too worried about the virus, with one telling the network “The numbers do not add up. It is not as bad as they say.”

“I’m not scared of the coronavirus,” one rally attendee told MSNBC News on Friday. “I’m not saying that it isn’t real, okay? The numbers do not add up it is not as bad as people say.”

“I think it’s all a hoax to tell you the truth, you know,” said Mark Kelleher. “If you look at the numbers that have all been produced it’s all just fear porn going on and on and on with the numbers that they were showing us.”

Hundreds of Oklahoma medical professionals recently signed a letter urging the Republican mayor of Tulsa to cancel the rally after the state reported a record increase in new coronavirus cases.

The letter’s author, Dr. Jabraan Pasha, told Insider that the decision to hold one of the first large indoor gatherings worldwide since the coronavirus outbreak is “unbelievably reckless.”

An intensive care physician at Tulsa’s St. John Medical Center warned “we simply don’t have the capacity to handle the number of people who will be infected because of this weekend’s activities.”


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