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Trump’s Phony ‘War On Merry Christmas’ Exposed In One Glorious 2010 Tweet


Trump’s Phony ‘War On Merry Christmas’ Exposed In One Glorious 2010 Tweet

President Trump attempted to reignite the GOP’s fictional “War on Christmas” during his speech before the Value Voters Summit earlier this month, telling the crowd of religious conservatives that “we’re saying Merry Christmas again” now that he’s president.

“We are stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values,” Trump said to applause from the audience, before attacking people who refuse to say “Merry Christmas.”

“We’re getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore. They don’t use the word Christmas because it’s not politically correct,” he told the audience. “You go to department stores and they’ll say ‘Happy New Year,’ or they’ll say other things and it’ll be red, they’ll have it painted. But they don’t say — well guess what? We’re saying merry Christmas again.”

Unfortunately for the president, a newly resurfaced tweet from December 23, 2010, uses the exact “politically correct” language he has consistently railed against on the campaign trail.

“Wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday season!” Trump tweeted.

In 2015, then-candidate Trump mailed a Christmas card to his supporters which also used the dreaded “politically correct” language.

“Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays,” the card states.

Donald Trump’s Christmas card sent to supporters uses the language ‘happy holidays’ (JUSTIN GREEN/INDEPENDENT JOURNAL)

There’s also this 2010 holiday message from Trump International Hotel & Tower general manager Suzie Mills, in which the word “holiday” is typed and spoken but not the word “Christmas.”

During a 2015 interview with Tony Perkins, Trump suggested that “Merry Christmas” should be the only holiday greeting uttered in the U.S.

“You know, you go from one thing to the next to the point where it’s not politically correct to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to anybody, or you go to stores and you don’t ever see the word ‘Christmas’ anymore,” he said. “We are going to start saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again.”

“You go into these stores and you don’t see anything having to do with Christmas and it’s disgraceful, frankly, as far as I’m concerned,” he added.

In a 2015 Iowa rally, Trump explained why he took issue with saying “happy holidays.”

“I’m a good Christian, okay? Remember that,” he said at the Burlington, Iowa, event. “I guarantee, if I become president, we’re going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ at every store … Every store. Every store.”

“The ‘happy holidays’ — you can leave that over in the corner,” he added. “Happy holidays, everybody. Enjoy it. But I’m saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to whoever the hell wants to hear it.”

Trump also suggested a boycott of Starbucks in November 2015 after the coffee chain redesigned its annual holiday cups to remove any images that are associated with Christmas, like ornaments.

“The word ‘Christmas.’ I love Christmas. I love Christmas,” he said during the Value Voters Summit in 2015. “You go to stores, you don’t see the word ‘Christmas.’ It says ‘happy holidays’ all over. I say, ‘Where’s Christmas?'”

“I tell my wife, ‘don’t go to those stores,'” Trump continued. “I want to see Christmas. I want to see Christmas.”

“You’re going to see it if I get elected, I can tell you right now,” he added.

Back in 2012, Trump also tweeted about the politically correct term:

And then he did this:


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