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Trump Withdraws U.S. From Iran Nuclear Deal, Resumes Sanctions


Trump Withdraws U.S. From Iran Nuclear Deal, Resumes Sanctions

President Trump announced on Tuesday that he will withdraw the United States from the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran, a decision that US allies warn could mean a Middle East war.

“I am announcing today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal,” Trump said from the Diplomatic Room in the White House.

“We will be instituting the highest level of economic sanction,” he added before signing a declaration to impose those sanctions that had been waived under a 2015 pact between the United States, Iran, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and China. “Any nation that helps Iran in its quest for nuclear weapons could also be strongly sanctioned by the United States.”

“It is clear to me that we cannot prevent an Iranian nuclear bomb under the decaying and rotten structure of the current agreement,” Trump said. “The Iran deal is defective at its core.”

International inspectors and the deal’s signatories, including U.S. officials, have said Iran continues to comply with the terms of the agreement.

European allies criticized Trump’s decision, saying it would endanger regional security.

“France, Germany, and the UK regret the U.S. decision to leave the JCPOA,” French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted immediately after Trump’s address. “The nuclear non-proliferation regime is at stake.”


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