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Trump Threatens China With ‘Tremendous Tariffs,’ Warns: ‘I’m Not A Baby’


Trump Threatens China With ‘Tremendous Tariffs,’ Warns: ‘I’m Not A Baby’

President Trump sat down with FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo to discuss the recent “Phase One” of a trade deal signed with China, saying there will be “tremendous policing” enforced on Chinese trade policy.

When asked if the deal didn’t have enough teeth to stop China from “stealing intellectual property,” Trump warned that he’ll “terminate the deal” if that happened and would “charge tremendous tariffs” because he’s “not a baby.”

“There is some question about this China deal. Some people feel like it doesn’t have enough teeth. That, you know, you’re not going to be able to get China to stop stealing intellectual property, it’s their culture,” Bartiromo asked before Trump cut her off.

“Here’s what it is, okay, you ready? We have tremendous policing,” Trump said. “We have a policing aspect to this deal that’s the strongest anybody has ever had. If that happens, I’ll terminate the deal. If that happens I’ll charge tremendous tariffs. We have tremendous policing action. So it could happen. I mean I’m not a baby. I understand. China has a reputation for being cute.”

“But I have a great relationship with President Xi. I don’t it’s going to happen. I think already we’ve seen a difference on the fentanyl. I said it’s not in the deal. But I said, ‘You gotta do me a favor.’ You gotta stop the fentanyl,” he added.

“And now they’re putting criminal penalties on people that deal in Fentanyl, which they never had before and it’s having a big impact,” Trump said.

“If it — if this happens, what you’re saying could happen, of course it can always happen. We can terminate or we can put tremendous tariffs on them,” he added.


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