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Trump Tells Students That ‘Maniac’ Dems Want To Give ‘Free Rolls-Royce’ To ‘Those Illegals’


Trump Tells Students That ‘Maniac’ Dems Want To Give ‘Free Rolls-Royce’ To ‘Those Illegals’

President Trump on Tuesday repeated his false claim that Democrats want to give undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. free luxury cars.

Speaking to a room full of hundreds of high school-aged members of the right-wing youth organization Turning Point USA, Trump repeated the false claim he first unveiled at a campaign rally in October.

“When I’m up there on the debate all alone with some maniac that they chose, and that maniac is saying we are gonna do this for you, we’re going to do that for you. We’re gonna give you everything,” Trump told the crowd about a hypothetical Democratic presidential nominee.

“Everybody gets a free Rolls Royce. Every Family,” Trump falsely claimed.

“And we are gonna take better care of illegal immigrants than we take care of our own citizens, they tell you,” he again lied.

“And when they are saying all of this stuff, and then those illegals get out and vote because they vote anyway,” Trump told the crowd. “Don’t kid yourself. Those numbers in California and numerous other states. They’re rigged! You’ve got people voting that shouldn’t be voting. They vote many times, not just twice, not just three times. They vote – it’s like a circle. They come back. They put a new hat on. They come back, they put a new shirt on. And in many cases, they don’t even do that. You know what’s going on. It’s a rigged deal.”

Trump has repeatedly made the false allegations that millions of illegal votes cost him the popular-vote victory in 2016 against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump in October baselessly claimed that Democrats are eager to provide undocumented immigrants with driver’s license and give them free cars.
“Democrats want to give illegal aliens free welfare, free health care, and free education. Give them a driver’s license. Give them a driver’s license. Next thing you know, they want to buy them a car. Then they’ll say the car’s not good enough, how about a Rolls-Royce? Give us — we want a Rolls-Royce.”

The following day at a rally in Elko, Nevada, Trump’s hypothetical had morphed into an already unveiled Democratic proposal.

“[Democrats] want to take away your Second Amendment. They want to raise your taxes. They want to open your borders — let people in, illegally. And then they want to pay for those people for health care, for education. They want to give them cars, they want to give them driver’s licenses. I said last night — we did a great, great rally in Arizona last night — and I said last night, what kind of car will they supply them? Will it be a Rolls-Royce?”


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