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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Tells Bizarre Story About A Guy He Knows Who Hates His Kids: ‘They’re Horrible Human Beings’


Trump Tells Bizarre Story About A Guy He Knows Who Hates His Kids: ‘They’re Horrible Human Beings’

During a Monday evening campaign rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, President Trump told his supporters a bizarre story about a guy he knows that “can’t stand his children” because “they are horrible, horrible human beings.” He said he encouraged his friend to disinherit his kids because they “don’t even like him.”

“And I tell you, the farmers do love Trump. They do love Trump,” Trump told the crowd. “And to keep New Mexico farms and ranches and small businesses in the family, we eliminated the unfair estate tax or death tax so that you can now give your farm or your ranch to your children.”

Trump then encouraged parents to punish the children they don’t like by giving their wealth away to charity instead of passing it along to their kids.

“Now if you don’t like your children, don’t do it. But when it’s your time to kick the bucket – you worked hard, you have great kids, you love your kids,” Trump continued.

“They’ve taken care of you, you really love them, it’s a great thing. If you don’t love them, don’t even listen to the last line because it won’t matter. Don’t leave it to them,” he encouraged the crowd. “If they’re not good, leave it to charity or leave it for something else. Don’t give it to them.”

“I know a guy, he can’t stand his children,” the president said. “They’re horrible, horrible human beings. They’re a little older now, but they’re horrible human beings. He wants to leave them his wealth. I said, why would you leave it to them, they don’t even like you.”

“But on the assumption that you love your children, you’ll be able to give your small farms, your ranches and your things, you’ll be able to leave them to your children,” he said. “Your children won’t have to go out and borrow a fortune to pay tax. They won’t be losing it to the banks five years later. We got rid of it. THat’s a big deal.”


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