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Trump Supporter Hangs Noose Around Neck, Writes: ‘Introducing My New Line Of Bubba Neck Ties’


Trump Supporter Hangs Noose Around Neck, Writes: ‘Introducing My New Line Of Bubba Neck Ties’

A Facebook user sparked outrage online after he allegedly shared a post joking about a noose that was found hanging inside a garage belonging to Nascar’s only black driver.

A screenshot of the since-deleted Facebook post shared by James Jimmy White, shows him wearing a noose around his neck with a “Trump Keep America Great” flag flying in the backyard.

White captioned the photo “Introducing my new line of bubba neck ties, one size fits all,” a reference to Nascar driver Bubba Wallace.

The Facebook post comes days after a North Carolina racetrack reportedly lost some partnerships after its owner advertised “Bubba Rope.”

A concrete company and a driver series ended their partnerships last week with the 311 Speedway in Stokes county, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.

The racetrack owner’s “Bubba Rope” post on Facebook Marketplace earlier this week sparked a backlash on social media. “Buy your Bubba Rope today for only $9.99 each, they come with a lifetime warranty and work great,” the post said.

The Carolina Sprint Tour posted on its Facebook page that it would not race at the speedway for the remainder of its season, according to the newspaper. “We do not condone nor support the comments and posts that have been made the past week,” the series said in a post online. A concrete company also said it was cutting all ties with the speedway.

Wallace’s team garage at Talladega last week, prompting an federal investigation. However, the FBI concluded the rope had been there since last fall and was not part of a hate crime. Since then, Wallace has been the subject of unfounded conspiracy theories that he was part of a plan to plant the noose.


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