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Trump Smears CNN Reporter As ‘Fredo’ While Ranting About ‘Fake News’ At The UN


Trump Smears CNN Reporter As ‘Fredo’ While Ranting About ‘Fake News’ At The UN

President Trump on Monday defended his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani over his disastrous appearance last week on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show in which he initially said he didn’t mention Joe Biden’s son to Ukrainian officials only to admit seconds later that “of course” he had.

Asked by a reporter whether he was pleased with the way Giuliani was handling the Ukraine controversy, Trump lashed out at Cuomo, referring to him as “Fredo,” the weakest of the Corleone brothers from “The Godfather.”

“I think he was excellent,” Trump told reporters at the United Nations on Monday.

“I watched him the other night,” Trump told reporters. “I haven’t watched that show in a long time. I don’t watch CNN because it’s fake news.”

“But I watched Rudy take apart Fredo. Um, Fredo’s performance was incompetent. Rudy took him apart. The press doesn’t give him credit ’cause they take little tiny snippets wherever Rudy was a little bit – if he mispronounces a word, they’ll show that. They won’t show the whole – Rudy Giuliani took Fredo to the cleaners.”

“First time I’ve seen CNN in a long time,” Trump repeated. “I hate to watch it because it’s so fake.”


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