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Trump Says Some States Can Start To Open ‘Literally Tomorrow’ As Experts Caution Against Rapid Reopenings


Trump Says Some States Can Start To Open ‘Literally Tomorrow’ As Experts Caution Against Rapid Reopenings

As the U.S. economy continued to worsen dramatically with another staggering jobless claims report released Thursday, President Trump told reporters that some states could start reopening “literally tomorrow.”

When asked about states like Montana and Utah that already meet the “gating criteria” — including a downward trajectory of COVID-like symptoms for 14 days, a downward trajectory of cases or positive tests for 14 days and robust testing for health care workers — Trump said those states could enter phase one of reopening “literally tomorrow.”

“They will be able to go in literally tomorrow because they have met all of the guidelines,” Trump said.

“You’re going back 14 days, back a month and they have — the ones that I’m thinking about, the ones have already spoken to governors about, they have met those guidelines long ago,” he added.

Phase one allows for large venues, including churches and gyms, to open if they operate under “strict” social distancing and sanitation protocols.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said that the reopening of the American economy will not be like flipping on a light switch. He says the plan is the “exact opposite,” which is a good thing.

“If we carefully do this again with the attention to the safety and health of the American public, that we will be able to — it will be staggered,” Fauci said. “Not every state in every region is going to do it at the same time, that’s clearly obvious because of the very dynamics of the outbreak.”

Fauci points out that some areas won’t be able to reach Phase 1 yet, because they have not met the gating criteria.

“You will see that there are some regions, states, locations that are going to be almost already into some of that gating and will have already fulfilled some of the criteria,” Fauci said. “Others, because the dynamics of the outbreak in the area, will take longer to be able to do that but you don’t get to Phase 1 until you get through the gating.”


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