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The Guardians of Democracy

The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Pushes Deranged Conspiracy That Rep. Omar Married ‘Her Brother’ For ‘Fraudulent Purposes’


Trump Pushes Deranged Conspiracy That Rep. Omar Married ‘Her Brother’ For ‘Fraudulent Purposes’

President Trump unleashed a deranged attack targeting Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis on Thursday evening, pushing a right-wing conspiracy theory that claims Rep. Ilhan Omar married her brother to become a U.S. citizen.

“She is a disgrace to our country,” Trump said of Rep. Omar, who is one of the first two Muslim women (along with Rashida Tlaib of Michigan) to serve in Congress.

The president then praised the “terrific and talented writer” behind the false Omar conspiracy theory.

“He knows a great deal about all those tangled lies of Omar. Mister Scott Johson of Power Line,” Trump told the crowd. “He wrote some stuff, I can’t believe it.”

Trump then pointed out Scott in the crowd as the arena cheered and applauded him.

“Thank you Scott,” Trump continued. “What a job. Man, you have her figured out. The only problem is, Scott, it’s incredible talent, much more talent than most of these people that you heard about,” Trump said, pointing toward a group of journalists.

“The problem is they never pick it up,” Trump said as the crowd booed the reporters in attendance. “They don’t wanna pick it up. But we pick it up, Scott. And the people get it. We thank you for your great reporting. Thank you.”

“As Scott reported, everything about Omar is a fraud, including her name,” Trump said. “Scott reports his sources told him, that quote, Omar’s legal husband was Omar’s brother and that she had married him for fraudulent purposes.”

“You mean like coming into the United States maybe?” Trump asked the crowd to loud boos. “And as Scott says, ‘We have seen a plethora of Congressional scandals in our history, yet we have never seen scandals like Omar’s in Congress and nothing gets done about it.”

Trump then unloaded on Joe and Hunter Biden over their Ukrainian business dealings in Minneapolis on Thursday evening — at one point bringing the crowd to its feet by charging that Biden’s only useful trait as vice president was his preternatural ability to “kiss Barack Obama’s a–.”

“And your father was never considered smart,” Trump said of Joe Biden. “He was never considered a good senator. He was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass.”


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