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Trump Mocks The #MeToo Movement At Campaign Rally As Florida Officials Confirm First Hurricane Michael Death


Trump Mocks The #MeToo Movement At Campaign Rally As Florida Officials Confirm First Hurricane Michael Death

President Donald Trump mocked the #MeToo movement again at his rally in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night, citing the “rules of MeToo” as the reason he wasn’t “allowed” to use an expression.

“Pennsylvania hasn’t been won for many years by Republicans, but every Republican thinks they’re going to win Pennsylvania,” Trump said, recalling his winning the state in the 2016 presidential election. “I used an expression — you know, there’s an expression but under the rules of MeToo I’m not allowed to use that expression anymore. I can’t do it.”

“It’s the person that got away,” Trump continued. “See, in the old days, it was a little different,” the President added, laughing as a rally attendee told him from the crowd to “do it anyway.”

“I would do it, except for these people up there,” Trump said, pointing at the news cameras and press at the rally. “They would say, did you hear what President Trump said?”

He continued, “So there is an expression, but we’ll change the expression: Pennsylvania was always the person who got away, that’s pretty good, right, the person that got away?”

Trump has recently taken direct shots at the #MeToo movement by expressing concern for young men who are afraid that they will get accused of sexual assault or harassment and saying, “Women are doing great.”

“It is a very scary time for young men in America, where you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of,” Trump said to reporters last week. “This is a very, very — this is a very difficult time. What’s happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a Supreme Court justice.”

While Trump attacked the MeToo movement in Pennsylvania, Florida officials announced the first hurricane-related fatality hours after Hurricane Michael became the most powerful storm to hit the state’s northern Panhandle area in more than a century.

Olivia Smith, public information officer for the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners, said there was “one hurricane-related fatality,” adding that the incident was “debris-related. There was a tree involved.”


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