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Trump Made 30 False Claims During A 72-Minute Campaign Rally In Montana Last Week: Report


Trump Made 30 False Claims During A 72-Minute Campaign Rally In Montana Last Week: Report

President Donald Trump made 30 false claims during a campaign rally in Great Falls, Mont. last week, according to an analysis of the 72-minute speech by The Toronto Star.

According to The Star’s analysis, Trump added 13 more false claims over the rest of the week for a total of 43 false claims.

The Star concluded that last week was the “eighth-most-dishonest week of his presidency.”

It was more less dishonest, though, than the two previous weeks, during which he made 100 false claims and a record 103 false claims. Why the decline back toward normal? Likely because he spoke much less. Trump had little on his schedule, making only a short public appearance on Monday, delivering brief remarks for the July 4 holiday on Wednesday, and then taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

He is now up to 1,972 false claims for the first 535 days of his presidency, an average of 3.7 per day.

During his speech, falsely claimed that Democrats “want open borders” (most have voted to improve border security).

Trump exaggerated that the United States’ trade deficit with the European Union is $151bn (it is $101bn).

He falsely claimed to be the first Republican presidential candidate to win Wisconsin “since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952” (Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon both won Wisconsin).

He hyperbolically claimed that “getting military funding from these Democrats is almost impossible” (most Democrats voted for the latest military spending bill).

He misleadingly claimed, “we are already building the wall” (construction on the wall has not begun, only repairs to existing border fences are underway).

He falsely claimed that the GOP tax cuts he signed into law in December were “the biggest in American history” (they rank 12th).

Read the Star’s full analysis here.


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