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Trump Knocks Obama, Praises Himself In Rambling Speech To Troops In Afghanistan: ‘I Never Got To The Turkey’


Trump Knocks Obama, Praises Himself In Rambling Speech To Troops In Afghanistan: ‘I Never Got To The Turkey’

During a surprise visit to US troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving Day, President Donald Trump delivered a rambling speech in which he couldn’t help talking about himself.

Speaking at Bagram Air Base, Trump told troops he “flew 8331 miles to be here tonight for one simple reason, to tell you in person that this Thanksgiving is a special Thanksgiving.”

“We’re doing so well. Our country is the strongest economically it has ever been. We’ve never done so well. We have the greatest economy anywhere in the world,” he said.

“So it is nice to know that you are fighting for something that is doing well as opposed to something that was not doing well just a number of years ago,” Trump said in a veiled shot at former President Barack Obama.

“You know, when I took office, if you can believe it, almost three years ago, we were very depleted,” Trump said, taking another shot at his predecessor. “Our military was depleted in terms of equipment. You see, right, they’re all shaking their heads,” Trump said pointing to people in the crowd.

“We have all those brand new planes and brand new helicopters and brand new ships being built now. Brand new incredible submarines. Probably the most powerful submarine – probably the most powerful weapon in the world is what we’re building in the form of submarines. Nobody – nothing is even close. But we have things that nobody’s seen, nobody’s heard about. And we’ll keep it that way.”

“Our stock market has reached the highest level ever in the history of the exchanges, all three,” Trump added. “If you look, all three. It is incredible. It is incredible what is happening. Just broke a record. I think it is close to 130 days. So we’re less than three years and 130 times we’ve broken the all-time record. And to me that didn’t mean an all-time record, it means something different. It means jobs. It means 401(k)s.”

“People come up to me with their 401(k)s and they say, ‘You’ve made me look like a genius. Thank you very much,’ ” he claimed. “They are up 78 percent. They feel good.”

Trump then spent about 30 seconds lamenting that he didn’t get to try the Turkey.

“I sat down. I had a gorgeous piece of turkey. And I was all set to go and I had some of the mashed potatoes. And I had a bite of mashed potatoes. And I never got to the turkey because general said, ‘come on over and let’s take some pictures,’ ” Donnie complained to US troops in Afghanistan.

“I never got to my turkey. Its the first time in Thanksgiving that I’ve never had anything called turkey. But that is okay. But it looked about good. I should have started with that instead of the mashed potatoes. I made a mistake,” he added.

Trump’s Thanksgiving trip, which lasted around three-and-a-half hours, marked the first time he has visited Afghanistan and his second trip to visit U.S. troops in a war zone after he traveled to Iraq at the end of last year.


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