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The Guardians of Democracy

Trump Jr. Warns His Dad’s ‘Next Move’ Is To ‘Break Up’ The FBI: ‘He Has To Get Rid Of These Things’


Trump Jr. Warns His Dad’s ‘Next Move’ Is To ‘Break Up’ The FBI: ‘He Has To Get Rid Of These Things’

Donald Trump Jr. on Sunday predicted that his father would move to “break up” the FBI if he were to win a second term.

During an interview on Fox News, host Maria Bartiromo began by claiming without evidence that Trump’s own “DOJ and the FBI, deep state actors, right now are leaking classified information to protect Joe Biden and damage President Trump.” Bartiromo then asked what Trump Jr. and his father planned to do about the FBI.

“We have to keep fighting,” Trump replied. “We’re fighting with one leg and two arms tied behind our back. You know, we don’t have the mainstream media that’s willing to at this point, not even just boost the other side, but literally run cover for what would arguably be the biggest corruption scheme in American political history. This is the stuff that makes Watergate look like kindergarten.

According to the president’s son, the FBI tried to “knowingly peddle” information about his father’s connections to Russia.

“They refuse to acknowledge their own corruption,” he explained. “And the reality is, I think, when Donald Trump wins, he has to break up the highest level of the FBI. He has to get rid of these things. And more importantly, maybe break up the swamp in general.”

“You know, why is the Department of the Interior headed out of Washington?” Trump asked. “Why don’t we spread all of those things up throughout America?”

“That’s Donald Trump’s next move,” he predicted, “if I’m him and if he wins, which I think he will. Because what’s going on is disgusting. This is the stuff of communist China!”


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